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Rappiyanya paparrmanu, rappiyanya paparrmanu

Tjanpinya paparrmanu, tjanpinya paparrmanu

The raffia rustles and shimmers like the grasses rustle and shimmer.

Everywhere on the lands there are special places and each of these special places belong to certain people. A woman keeps so many memories in her head, about where she has travelled to and all the places she has been to, where she grew up, the stories she was taught. So it is very good when she goes back to her own country to collect tjanpi to make baskets from her own country, and when her children make baskets from tjanpi which has been collected on their own country and their mother’s country.

The objects that can be made from tjanpi from a woman’s country are more or less endless. She can make people, women, ngintaka, tjulpu, anything. So we can depict our traditional lands and country in a number of different ways. We can paint our country with paint on canvas and we can also gather tjanpi from our own land and make an object out of tjanpi which depicts that country. This is a really beautiful thing to do.

Tjanpi has Tjukurpa too.

Josephine Mick